Weed Accessories You’ll Be Proud to Show Off

Time to throw out that dirty, head shop-looking excuse for a pipe and replace it with some weed accessories you’ll be proud to display on your nightstand or coffee table. Something chic but chill that says “Yeah, I smoke weed and take CBD supplements and I’m proud. And also, it’s not a big deal. Because you're an adult. And it’s high time to sing out proudly about what cannabis means to you. Maybe it’s all about connection and self-care. Maybe it’s about expanding your mind, going inward, and slowing down. Maybe it’s just indulging in a little me-time and binge-watching all of Broad City with an ice cream sandwich. And maybe it’s about re-establishing your commitment to do something about our black and brown brothers and sisters in incarceration on minor drug charges. Hopefully—and most likely—it’s all the of the above. Below, a few suggestions for adult-worthy weed accessories that’ll let you show off your love for our planet’s most magical herb—proudly and freely.

Laundry Day Tanjun Pipe

Glossy, candy pink, and sculptural—it’s no surprise that Tanjun means “simplicity” in Japanese—this pipe is cool enough to keep on your living room bookshelf. If you’re into pipe smoking, there’s probably no better way to spend your weekend than in the backyard, taking in some sunshine with this new friend. Not to make a Dad joke but...stairway to heaven, amirite?

INDA Creations Pipe Keychain

Well color you discreet. This keychain from the chic-as-fuck INDA Creations looks like a bullet-shape gold (or silver!) trinket until you unscrew it and realize it’s a mini pipe. We don’t need to explain the benefits of a subtle smoking device. You already know. But we will say that it’s limited edition and comes with both a matchbook and hand-stamped INDA pouch. Enjoy.

Grass + Flower Table Top Lighter

Meet one of my new favorite weed accessories. This Miss Grass x Edie Parker Flower table top lighter is a wonder; it’s retro but timeless, catches the light in cloudy-blue swirls, and makes a living space 70 percent more interesting. Because it’s handcrafted with a solid matching-ashtray base, it also doubles as a chic paper weight slash jewelry dish slash interesting piece of decor whose only function is to look cute.

Barbari Herbal Blends

Barbari isn’t just a delicious Iranian flatbread, you know. It’s also the name of your new go-to brand for (equally delicious) herbal blends. You can smoke them (alone or with cannabis flower), drink them as tea, or burn them as incense and they come in two distinct offerings. We recommend the Muse blend; peppermint, jasmine, raspberry leaf, and sage—all curated to revive your body and inspire your mind. We feel relaxed just writing about it.

Miss Grass Lighter Case

Available in two colors (rose gold or gold), these limited-edition lighter cases are an easy and cool-as-hell way to level up the look of whatever's in your stash bag—just pop any beaten-up ol' Bic into one and voila. And get this: each one has a Miss Grass saying to show off, "WELCOME TO THE HIGH ROAD" or "GOOD AT WEED". Cheeky.

Sackville & Co. Signature Grinder

This is the signature product from woman-owned and run brand Sackville & Co. and it’s easy to see why; it’s everything you want in a weed accessory—a modern, minimalist tiered design, a snug, satisfying magnetic closure, and soft-brushed gold shine. Each one gives the perfectly ground fluffy flower you're after, plus comes in a plush velvet pouch. Utilitarian and tasteful—who knew?

Jonathan Adler Coaster Set

Bright, bold orange porcelain. 24K gold leaf accents. These canna coasters are about as *luxury* as weed leaves can get. Sure they're fancy AF conversation starters, but—most importantly—they're functional. The set also happens to be housed in a matching high-quality box. Perfect gift.

Laundry Day Hudson Pipe

Speaking of ~aesthetic~ decor, Laundry Day’s hand-blown Hudson pipes are beyond beautiful. They come in an eye-catching rainbow of colored glass (or opaque black) options so you can watch smoke gently billow through the disc-shaped chamber—which not only looks cool, but lets it cool down and smooth right out before you inhale. And if that whole process doesn’t sound mellow to you, then honestly, what don’t know what will.

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