The *Ultimate* Holiday Gift Guide For Cannabis Lovers

Say what you want about the commercialization of the holidays—you can’t deny that sometimes we need a little nudge if we’re gonna buy ourselves, or someone else, something thoughtful and cute. So screw being a scrooge; this season is all about giving the gift of ganja. And giving it especially generously to the people in our lives who may not have come across the many, many benefits of CBD and the cannabis plant as a whole. We all have a stressed-out sister, or a skincare-obsessed mom, or a super-spiritual best friend. And they all have unique gift-giving needs. That’s why we’ve made holiday shopping that little bit easier this year. Behold! It’s your ultimate cannabis-infused gift guide.

Cannabis Holiday Gifts: For the Sex Kitten in Your Life

A roundup of gift picks including CBD- and THC-infused chocolates, sex toys, a lace and satin blindfold, happy clam everyday oil, and Miss Grass' Sex Kit. L to R, top to bottom: 1906 Chocolates from $18, Unbound Subscription $85, Savage x Fenty Eye Mask $20, Quim Oil $48, Miss Grass Sex Kit $180
We all have that one friend who’s a total Samantha. Or a Charlotte who needs loosen up. Or, Sex and the City metaphors aside, just a buddy we think could benefit from a little sexy, kinky fun. Naturally, we highly recommend the brand new Miss Grass Sex Kit for this exact purpose. It’s got plenty of newb-friendly, sexy CBD products, plus a really nice vibrator from Dame. If a sexy cannabis starter kit’s a little too much, you could always go straight for Quim’s Happy Clam; it’s oft called “eye cream for people with vaginas.” Meanwhile, did you know feminist adult store Unbound Babes has a subscription box? If edibles are more your thing, these “love chocolates” from 1906 New Highs will hit the spot with the perfect mixture of CBD and THC. And if all else fails, there’s this blindfold from Savage x Fenty. It’s sex appeal.

Cannabis Holiday Gifts: For the Spiritual Smoker

A roundup of gift picks including an eye-print pillow, prismatic ashtray, a "Be Here Now"-embroidered baseball cap, a neo tarot guidebook, and a bundle of palo santo, sage, and crystal. L to R, top to bottom: Haus Witch Pillow $88, Fundamental Berlin Ashtray $90, Ram Dass Foundation Cap $22, Neo Tarot Guidebook $22.56, Inda Creations Wraps $40
Call it witchcraft, call it woo woo, call it whatever you damn like—there’s no denying that the new age is experiencing a second wave. And when done well, we’re here for it. And so is that cosmic friend of yours. Why not buy her an inclusive, modern tarot deck and guidebook, like Neo Tarot: A fresh approach to self-care, healing, and empowerment? Or stock up on one of Inda Creations’ herbal offerings. Miss Grass’ Regenbogen ashtray from Fundamental Berlin is a psychedelic staff favorite, too. Your loved one can use it while smoking a joint in their new Ram Dass Foundation “Be Here Now” unisex baseball cap while leaning against their Haus Witch Secret Spells pillows. What a thoughtful witch you are!

Cannabis Holiday Gifts: For Your Most Stressed-out Friend

A roundup of gift picks including a bottle of supplements, CBD bath bomb, the Calm app on a phone screen, CBD capsules, and Miss Grass' Stress Kit. L to R, top to bottom: Moon Juice SuperYou $49, Life Elements CBD Bath Bomb $14, Calm App Subscription from $12.99, Plant People CBD Capsules $59, Miss Grass Stress Kit $140
It’s almost 2020 and pretty much everyone, ever is stressed out 24/7 now. If you’re one of the lucky ones that manages to keep their cool more often than not, how about sharing some of that calm around, ya big hoarder? Your anxious friends and family will be forever grateful that you introduced them to the Miss Grass Stress Kit, that’s for sure. It’s got everything you need to get started on your CBD-infused journey towards calm. If a few quick stocking stuffers are more your thing, check out Plant People’s highly reputable Calm capsules. They’re what cannabis experts take, we’ve noticed. Life Elements’ Bliss bath bomb is a full-body tingle fest that anyone with a bath would be thrilled to experience. The SuperYou supplement from Moon Juice is also a game changer and requires minimum effort. And for the meditation-curious among your crew, a membership to the Calm app will chill them right out.

Cannabis Holiday Gifts: For The CBD Newbie

A roundup of gift picks including a CBD-infused balm, a CBD mini vape, CBD gumdrops, a CBD healing stick, and a turmeric-infused CBD oil. L to R, top to bottom: Vertly CBD Balm $22, Bloom Farms CBD Mini Vape $49, Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops $45, Wildflower CBD Healing Stick $75, 2Rise CBD Oil $50
Listen, we all had to start somewhere. And thankfully that “somewhere” no longer necessarily involves being peer pressured into ripping a dirty bong of God-knows-what in the strip mall behind your parents’ house. No no; with legalization it’s never been easier for newbs to dip a toe safely into the cannabis pool. We always say: start slow and start with topicals. That’s why Vertly’s CBD lip and skin balm is a no-brainer. And for people with muscle pain, Wildflower’s Healing stick is powerful and effective (without the psychoactive properties). There’s also one of our most popular tinctures, 2Rise’s turmeric-infused CBD oil. Tell your loved ones to take that every day, and they’ll be feeling calm and well-balanced in no time. Edibles wise, the luxurious look (and taste!) of Lord Jones’ Old Fashioned gumdrops will win literally anyone over—and they double as fun after-dinner treat for the hols. Experimenting with vaping couldn’t be easier than with a lil’ disposable mini vape from Bloom Farms, too.

Cannabis Holiday Gifts: For Your Favorite Stoner

A roundup of gift picks including a crocodile stash case, a glass banana pipe, a round ceramic pipe, a marble ashtray, and a ceramic canister. L to R, top to bottom: Verdevie Stash Case $115, Edie Parker Pipe $95, Awmoo Pipe $200, Fundamental Berlin Ashtray $80, Jonathan Adler Canister $228
You know them and you love them. They’re the Ilana to your Abbi. The Romy to your Michele. The best person in the world to get stoned with. And they deserve a reward. Perhaps a chic and modern ashtray from Kugel could elevate their sessions with a joint? Or maybe they need a new, novel smoking device, like a water bowl from Awmoo that doubles as a cute-as-hell coffee table object? Speaking of adorable ceramics, this transparent glass banana pipe from Flower by Edie Parker is an art object unto itself. Ditto with Jonathan Adler’s breathtaking weed canister. Who wouldn’t want to smoke more flower with that in their life? And for the gal on the go, this Verdevie joint carry case is iconic. Who said stoners were daggy? Couldn’t be us.

For Your Mom ‘Cause She Made You

A roundup of gift picks including a CBD body serum, a CBD vaporizer pen, a CBD sleep tincture, a CBD facial serum, and a slip dress. L to R, top to bottom: Saint Jane CBD Body Serum $58, BEBOE CBD Vaporizer Pen $75, Mineral Sleep Tincture $160, Ildi Pekar CBD Facial Serum $148, Lunya Slip $198
The Spice Girls said it best when they said, “Momma, I love you / Momma, I careee.” But instead of singing your mom’s praises this year, have you considered buying her affection? JK it’s actually more about introducing her to the many health benefits of CBD. You know she’d appreciate the crash course. And the extra sleep. Which is where Mineral’s sleep tincture comes in. That stuff will get her snoring on the couch in no time. Speaking of sleep, she’ll appreciate a lush, washable silk bedtime garment from Lunya. Ildi Pekar’s repair CBD serum comes highly recommended by everyone at Miss Grass, and if your mom’s more of a body serum gal, you can’t go past Saint Jane’s. If your mom’s into a little inhalation, Beboe’s gentle but powerful CBD vape pen is a classic for all ages—it basically flies off the shelf around here.

For your fav natural skincare expert

A roundup of gift picks including a CBD facial cream, beauty chocolates, perfume, a CBD facial mask, and Miss Grass Beauty Kit. L to R, top to bottom: Haoma Night Cream $110, Sakara Beauty Chocolates $45, Heretic Perfume from $85, Ildi Pekar CBD Mask $125, Miss Grass Beauty Kit $160
Everyone has that one friend or family member who knows everything about skin and how to care for it. They want to pop your pimples for you, they know all about the best, newest ingredients, and they’re VIPs at Sephora. But how much do they know about the science of CBD and skin? With the Miss Grass Beauty Kit, they’re about learn a lot, baby! There’s a CBD-infused cream, a balm, an oil, and a rose quartz roller to squish it all together with. Not to be dramatic, but the plant-powered brilliance of Haoma’s new night cream will likely blow your giftees mind a little. And who doesn’t love an inflammation-fighting mask treatment? Ildi Pekar’s is something special. If your beauty-loving friends and fam also love new scents, you’ll impress the hell out of them if you gift them a bottle of Heretic’s delicious CBD and vetiver-rich Dirty Grass perfume. It smells like fresh-cut grass! And hey, there’s always edible beauty. Sakara’s beauty chocolates will definitely make your BFF smile—that’s when they look their most beautiful anyway. Aww! You guys.

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