5 CBD Products to Slay the Work Day

No matter how passionate you are about your job, at the end of the day, work is still work. Which means it can cause all kinds of stress and related physical and emotional manifestations. But thanks to the growing availability of CBD products, it's easier than ever to reap the anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory benefits to stay calm, cool, and collected—at least from nine to five.

1. 2Rise Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil with Turmeric

Consider this your new way to start the day. The combination of turmeric's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers, along with the relaxing benefits of CBD, kick things off on a mellow note with just a few drops of the super-concentrated formula taken sublingually. Let the tincture sit under your tongue for about a minute to maximize bioavailability—or your body's ability to absorb it.

2. Apothecanna Calming Body Oil

The best time to moisturize your skin is as soon as your get out of the shower—ideally when skin is still damp. If you use a body oil, the occlusive ingredients will not only trap hydrating ingredients into the skin, but prevent moisture loss too. The soothing combination of lavender, chamomile, and frankincense extract makes moisturizing a full-on sensory experience while also helping you chill out before the day gets crazy. And no, cannabis-infused topicals will not make you high.

3. Tonic Balancing CBD Vape Pen

Take a break in between calls or meetings with this sleek, minimal, and Instagram-worthy vaporizer. Here, CBD is naturally infused with limonene and pinene to help bring a more focused feel and fresh, citrus-y flavor. Think of it as a quick-hitting stress soother. It's also a popular one for bedtime, so try both and see what works for your composition—everyone is different.

4. Plant People CBD Capsules: Be Calm

This CBD-laced supplement is also spiked with a slew of other calming ingredients, including adaptogens such as ashwaganda, holy basil, and schisandra berry for a daily supplement designed to improve mental cognition and focus while helping your body reach homeostasis.

5. Mineral Recovery CBD Tincture

After spending long days hunched over a computer or in a conference room over some deck-building program—which we shall not name!—many complain of stiffness or soreness, inflamed joints, and aches all over. A dose of this super potent tincture helps to alleviate discomfort thanks to the addition of CBG and restorative terpenes. Want to know more about CBD? Get the Definitive Guide to the Science of CBD.

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