High Horoscopes: December Says “Dream Big Or Go Home”

When was the last time you made a wish upon a star? Or blew the fluffy seeds of a dandelion flower while thinking about what you desire? If it’s been a while, December is an excellent time to reactivate that inner child of yours and remember what it means to hold an intention, turn it into a vision, and release it back into the universe for manifesting. This month, the theme of dreams, luck, and cosmic synchronicity take center stage. Jupiter makes an electric aspects to Uranus, serving us inventiveness and the ability to think way outside of the box. Neptune makes major aspects to the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Mars this month, your sense of willingness to “go with the flow” will be reinvigorated (for the “Type A” personalities) and challenged (for the “Type B”). Where can you affect more balance in your life between the two? Venus—the patron Goddess of Cannabis—comes to bring a soothing balm to that prickly Pluto Saturn conjunction we’re all feeling; turn your hurt into art, and let it heal you. Dream big, or don’t dream at all, Goddess. Aries woman illustration


Seek and you shall find, Aries. The concepts of religiosity, travel, and mental journeys may come into the forefront for you. Your goal this month will be to find the underlying cosmic meaning in all occurrences. “Everything happens for a reason” can be our favorite or worse cliché, we know. This month, however, you are going to have to be responsible for figuring out the deeper “why” in the “wtf’s” of life. Be open to receiving messages from the other side about where to go, what to do or what not to do, and who you should or shouldn’t be around. It may also be a good time to hit up your local spiritual reader or psychic wise woman for a refresher. Plant Ally: Space Queen. This varietal will take you to infinity and beyond! Taurus woman illustration


While Taurus energy is often read as practical, cautious, and conservative, we can’t ignore the sensual hedonistic streak that runs through your veins every once in a while. December activates in you a powerful magnetic quality, and you may find it difficult to hold back from diving deeply into everything that you want. People are intensely drawn to you, and want things from you—things you may want from them, too. Indulge, but be careful to stay levelheaded and grounded in your morals and values. Remember; all that glitters isn’t gold. Plant Ally: Green Love Potion. It’s perfect to cultivate arousal and sensual pleasure. Gemini woman illustration


The full moon in your sign this month brings with it a message about love, Gemini. No one in the zodiac (maybe besides your cousin, Libra) understands how important it is to have people around that can offer you an alternative perception of yourself. Be prepared for others to offer you a change in perspective about how you see you. Everyone has a unique point of view, so consider how it may be beneficial to be open to constructive criticism (or confrontation) from individuals you consider your equals. It’ll be up to you to decide whether or not you’re receptive to this new information, but if you’re Gemini-ing right, you’ll always keep an open ear to the streets. Plant Ally: Liberty Haze—for clearheadedness and receptivity. Cancer woman illustration


Being the aptly named the “Queen of the holidaze” you are, each one of your closest friends knows that they can expect a delicious medicated, sugary, baked goodie from you this year filled with love, sugar, intention, sugar, and did I mention...sugar? That’s fine and dandy, Cancer, but you may want to hold off on the snacks and sweets for yourself this month. A cleanse or change in lifestyle is in order, and astrologically, December is looking like the best time to commit yourself to a healthier way of living. Everyone indulges this month, but maybe you can turn that inkling of wanting to change into an actual practice. Be our shining example of how to celebrate the upcoming holy days, and still keep healthy. Plant Ally: MediHaze. Keep it CBD dominant for all of its health benefits. Leo woman illustration


For those of us who were born in and thrive in sunny summertime weather, December heralds the coming of a colder, darker, more introverted time. Naturally, this can bring about some mood changes, especially for our usually vibrant Leonian family. Beat SAD (seasonal affective disorder) by inviting incredible amounts of laughter into your life. Make sure that you stay close to the people who make you laugh until your abs are sore. Cue up the comedies that double you over in laughter. Try your own hand at stand-up, if you’re up for it. Challenge yourself to keep a humorous perspective about what’s going on around you, and you’ll be good this month. Plant Ally: Blue Dream. It’s developed a reputation for being the funniest bud in the business! Virgo woman illustration


As the “family fixer”, there’s always something you feel could be done differently or better to get your household or work-family on a higher level of function. This month, it’s totally okay to take off your “fixer hat” and focus on being present and in the moment with yourself and your loved ones. There’s a certain magic that shows up when you learn to “be okay” with others doing what they do, how they do it. Give yourself the option to sit back, relax, and appreciate the incredible medicine that candidness and spontaneity brings. You might surprise yourself with what new interesting things you learn. Plant Ally: Chernobyl. It keeps you in the bliss of the moment. Libra woman illustration


You’re not always the overbearing social media queens that modern pop astrologers make you out to be, right Libra? Sometimes your private side manifests as a close, intimate conversation with a partner or a friend you trust. This December, however, you’re kinda being given the astrological right-of-way to share more about yourself and your journey with people. There’s great luck in thinking about how far you’ve come, and finding the wisdom in your own personal story. Sharing that with the human family (especially in the context of small groups or local meetups) does a lot. Give back with a solid word. Plant Ally: Harlequin, for smooth social savvy. Scorpio woman illustration


“‘Tis the season of giving” says Scorpio as she passes out pre-rolls to the entire smoke circle. Philanthropy is on your mind, Scorp, and this month is a great time to see where you could be making an even greater impact on the lives of the people of the world. Around this time, local soup kitchens and food banks need a lot of help. Step up and offer your service to organizations and groups that have devoted themselves to bettering lives. If time is not your biggest resource, consider making a financial contribution to someone in need. You know the value of changing someone’s day for the better; return the favor and keep the cycle going. Plant Ally: Golden Pineapple, for warmth of spirit and a heart of gold. Sagittarius woman illustration


You just had a birthday, didn’t you, Sagittarius? We hope it was full of the gregarious joy, celebration, and fun you deserve! As we trot through Sag season and move all the way over into earthy Capricorn, you’ll want to make sure the lessons you learned around your birthday have all contributed to you being able to believe in your connection with the divine. Everyone has their own intimate relationship with the “spiritual world,” and for many’a Sagittarius, the connection is one of the most important motivational factors in life. Take a minute and think back on your past; what spiritual truths have opened you up and made you the stronger person you are today? What experiences with the metaphysical have defined your philosophy? Celebrate them, wholesomely, and dedicate to growing deeper in tune with the cosmos. Plant Ally: Alpine Star, to open you up to cosmic guidance. Capricorn woman illustration


Happy Birthday, Cap! This admittedly has been no easy year for you, but we can always expect the most earnest sign in the zodiac to rise to the occasion. Luckily, Venus finally moving through your sign brings the opportunity to reclaim your time and your peace through self-care. Allow yourself to slow down this month, and invite a zen-like attitude into your experience. Although many consider this the most stressful time of year, don’t let the whippings and whirlings of the month stop you from retreating from the public eye, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life: love, love, and more love. Take it easy, and remember to dive headfirst into that which feeds the soul. Plant Ally: Cannatonic—for the ultimate relaxation experience. Aquarius woman illustration


No one is an island, and nor should she be. Take this as a spiritual truth this month and put yourself around some big thinkers. Your natal ruler Uranus will be contacting Jupiter this month, which often has the tendency to magically bring around people with inspiring, innovative, progressive, cutting-edge minds like your own. What ideas have been floating around in your brain that are “just crazy enough to work”? Be on the lookout for cool, like-minded people to bounce your ideas off of, and who could do the same for you. Together, be a think tank! Plant Ally: White Widow, to stimulate exciting conversation and interaction. Pisces woman illustration


Test your might, Pisces! This month, you may notice that you’re being called upon to organize in ways that feel bigger than ever before. Whether you’re taking on holiday party planning, managing a team at work, or simply reworking your life strategies, there’s a lot for you to juggle all at once. We don’t want you to go it alone, so don’t feel ashamed to reach out to your network for help when you need it. Pull out your competence, and rise to the occasion Pisces. You got this. Plant Ally: Take it easy on the THC and enjoy some flower essences for focus and vitality. Wild Pansy, Laurel, and Daisy are all great choices.

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