High Horoscopes: January’s The Month To Look Integrity In The Face

We’re finally here, Queens. According to experts, 2019 was the most edge-snatching year in all of human history, and we’ve finally made it to the other side of that glorious event! Don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back for overcoming all of the obstacles you managed to overcome over the last year. You deserve it. Luckily for us, the work doesn’t stop in 2020, it only gets more focused, more stabilized, and more tuned in.

January comes with the incredible opportunity to look your integrity squarely in the face. Are the principles you’ve been living by actually lining up with your true self-image? Are you disciplined enough to do what your heart’s telling you to do? January 10’s full moon and lunar eclipse in Cancer will hold up a huge mirror for deeper consideration. That date also provides us with a mashup of heavy hitters in Capricorn; the perfect time to spiritually manifest your year-ahead goals.

This month brings plenty of complex astrological contacts with Neptune, Venus, and Mars—and shines a light on the way we build relationships. Remember, the best relationships (romantic or otherwise), are always the ones that allow us to be our authentic selves, while still reaching for our best personal versions. Keep that in mind.

Aries woman illustration


This month kicks off with a kick in the pants for you, Aries. You may not know exactly how things are going to go, or what you need to make the shift happen, but you’re riding high on moving into 2020 with a force to be reckoned with. One thing you must do is remember that staying humble and informed is part of your superpower this month. Let others offer you the insight that could help you move your mission along, and be a good mentee to those you consider your mentors. Doing it paired with listening helps you move mountains.

Plant Ally: Jack Herer; spicy and uplifting, but with focusing powers. Like you! Taurus woman illustration


Hey, Taurus: no one has it all figured out, and that’s perfectly fine. This month however, you’ll notice that you’re striving toward being a lot more stabilized and grounded in who you are than you’ve ever been before. Your network of community and friends is growing, and January is an opportunity to share and spend time synergizing with the smartest people you know. If you’re an introvert, remember that other people and perspectives are jewels for you. Seek opinions and be blessed. Don’t problem-solve alone.

Plant Ally: Send a group text and find out what the crew wants to smoke! Gemini woman illustration


Your creative, curious brain has always been and will always be a legit gift to Goddesses’ green earth. January swoops in and asks you to redirect that flow and make it more rational and focused. There’s no time in January to go off on too many tangents or operate in too many grey areas. Stick to something and see it through all-the-way this month—whether it be a new job, new relationship, or a new vision of yourself. Stay the course.

Plant Ally: Sour Diesel to streamline the brain! Cancer woman illustration


You’re kind of a big deal this month Cancer, with a full moon and eclipse in your sign, the natal sign of the moon. January allows you to make contact with another in a way that allows you to be beautiful and bright reflections of each other. This phenomenon may manifest as a cozy, eye-glazing smoke by the fireplace, or a serious conversation about the dynamics of your relationship. Either way, keep your eyes open for moments of intimacy that peels back any protective masks you’re wearing.

Plant Ally: Original Glue. It’s an extra-potent emotional catalyst, like the eclipse! Leo woman illustration


Feeling optimistic about January, Leo? Good. You’re going to need to practice being uplifted and keeping a positive mindset this month. The final quarter of 2019 brought about some exciting experiences and an awareness about who you are to become in the future, and January 2020 is about keeping that same energy. Dance yourself into this new year with a list of difficult goals you dream of accomplishing, and allow the love-centered part of your personality to do all the work. Accomplishing “hard” things is easy when you deeply enjoy the process and the rewards.

Plant Ally: Sherbert, to loosen up that spine and help you settle into pleasure.

Virgo woman illustration


This January, you’re the closest thing to a machine that humanity has ever seen! Planning, strategizing, and organizing have always been strong suits for you (even when you think they’re not), but with all of this assisting energy you’re receiving, you’ll feel like you can climb Mount Everest. The Goddesses of organization are blessing you, so you may as well make use of this by checking in with your five-year plan. Where are we at with this? If you don’t know, find out. Don’t have a five-year plan? Don’t leave January without making one.

Plant Ally: Sour Diesel. Because lots of self-work should allow for lots of play! Libra woman illustration


January and its intense eclipse may come and switch things up a bit as it pertains to your work and family life. The two get merged, in one way or the other. It may be that you join the family business, family members join you at your place of work, or that you get a chance to work at home in closer proximity your chosen fam unit. However it manifests for you, this cosmic crossover episode allows your loved ones to get to know your business side, which can be both really cool and a test of your boundaries. Remember, you’re a lovely socializer, but when the clock strikes, you’ve got to get to work. They need to understand this.

Plant Ally: Cinnamon—warming, energizing, but still a bit spicy. Scorpio woman illustration


This powerhouse full moon eclipse in Cancer adds a depth and perspective to your sign that has been long-awaited. As a Scorpio, you live for those moments that allow you to take your vision of yourself to a deeper, more authentic place, and January is primetime. Do some deep internal journeying to see what you really want from this year. This can come in the form of journaling, meditation, or a healthy psychedelic/cannabis experience. Just make sure that when you find out, you don’t keep it to yourself. The more people who know, the more people who can hold you accountable.

Plant Ally: GSC for a mind-blowing, earth-shattering high. Sagittarius woman illustration


Can you smell the love in the air, Sagittarius? It’s almost like January comes around to give you a reminder of what the sweetness and power of love can do for you, or to you, depending on which side you’re on. If you’re single, you’ll notice that you’re picking up on the scent of lovers everywhere. You want love, and you’re in your feelings, and that’s okay. If you’re boo’d up, there’s something enrapturing about your partner that’s inescapable. Give yourself permission to be real and vulnerable.

Plant Ally: Damiana. Drink this herb in a tea and you’ll basically become the “heart eyes” emoji! Capricorn woman illustration


We hope your birthday Sun is amazing, Capricorn! It makes sense that we begin every new year ovaries-deep into the feminine sign of worldly and material power. This full moon eclipse in your opposite sign of Cancer does a lot for you, but opening you up to the transformation practice of radical softness. Don’t let those bogus astrology descriptions of Capricorn convince you that you’re incapable of deep sensitivity! The full moon is the perfect time to add gentleness to the top of your to-do list. Be soft, my love.

Plant Ally: Have you tried flower essences before? We suggest rose.

Aquarius woman illustration


Happy Birthday Aquarius! You’re someone who can roll with the punches of life and maintain a steady head as you figure it all out. This month, expect the unexpected. You may run into some direction changes toward the middle of the month as the planet of communication, Mercury, moves into your native sign. With its square with Uranus, you may feel that the plans you’d set aren’t necessarily the most practical or don’t make the most sense for present day. Use your mental superpowers to grab this new moment by the horns and go with it. You’ll be better off not fighting cosmic change!

Plant Ally: Purple Punch; to keep you upbeat and joyful during the ebbs and flows of life. Pisces woman illustration


Hi Pisces! Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? If not, we have a suggestion: choose love. The patron Goddess of cannabis (Venus) moves into your sign on the Jan 13, reminding you that having a loving disposition toward yourself and others really is the way to get your blessings for the year. Paired with this eclipse in a sign that complements your own, mutual adoration between you and your loved ones can do a lot of good. Center sweetness, compassion, and tenderheartedness and watch the waters part for you.

Plant Ally: Wedding Cake for being high THC, high love.

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