High Horoscopes: September Needs You Get Grounded, Like Now

The elements are speaking this month, Goddesses. While the energies of fire and water signs have dominated the astrological themes this year, September brings a much needed focus on the lovely element of earth.

The first half of this month boasts a total of seven (!) of our planets in earth signs, giving us a grounded outlook on our lives. The themes of work, duty, and skill come to the fore as the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all pile up in industrious Virgo. The imagery for Virgo is a diligent “maiden” holding a plant in her hands; a plant she’s spent all year preparing to harvest.

That means that September is the month to work just as hard as your weed lady works (thanks, weed lady!) With Saturn going direct on September 18 in ambitious Capricorn, and Uranus transiting steadfast Taurus, there’ll be plenty of reminders to “burn the midnight vape oil,” or however the saying goes. Illustration of an Aries woman wearing a dress and holding a lit match


Inside every Aries is the ability to pull heroic amounts of energy from the cosmos to get “it” done. September is about streamlining that explosive energy into effective work. Your mantra this month is “productivity, organization, efficiency,” and September should not leave you without something tangible to show for your efforts. Take a look at all of the systems in your life and make sure they’re running like well-oiled cogs. How can your workflow be streamlined for better effectiveness? Where are the energy and time-zapping activities that must be eliminated for you to be healthier and wealthier? Find them, slash them, and burn them, Aries.

Plant Ally: Alaskan Thunder Fuck, to get up and get busy. Illustration of a Taurus woman lying down resting her face on her hand


This month, the focus is on organizing for fun. That might seem like an oxymoron, but hear me out. Spontaneity is often fun, but there’s nothing like getting the plans just right and enjoying some entertainment that also proves beneficial for you in the long run. This is a good time to take a new class you’ve been wanting to take that both excites you and adds to your lexicon of skills—or your bank account. Cook a delicious and healthy new recipe, or take a blood-pumping dance class. Be discerning about what recreational activities (and recreational love affairs!) actually add on to your success.

Plant Ally: Tangerine Dream, for an uplifting but stabilizing high.

Illustration of a Gemini woman wearing a dress standing with a mirror image of her back


It’s time to put the white gloves on, Gemini, and I mean that both literally and figuratively. This month, we’re taking the trash out of your home, and your emotional life. Although you’re known to be out and about often, your home space is your sanctuary, and September is your reminder to take charge of it. Wash the dirty dishes in the sink, remove the cat hair on the couch, smoke the last of that reggie. While you’re at it, make sure you’re not letting anything or anyone into your most sacred spaces that would leave it disrupted and disheveled. Boundaries, boo. Also, trash your fuckboy ex’s old dusty sweater, already. It’s giving us all allergies.

Plant Ally: Vanilla Kush, for chill vibes. Best to enjoy in an already-clean home ;)

Illustration of a Cancer woman wearing a dress standing in a giant clamshell


You’re the queen of emotional depth, Cancer, and September comes with a helpful gift to translate that into mental stimulus. Feel free to throw yourself into opportunities to speak, discuss, critique, and express your feelings through the written and spoken word. Your reasoning skills are razor sharp this season, so consider letting that show up for you in all areas of life. Journaling, songwriting, and poetry will be your best friend. If you’re playing with the idea of writing a book or starting a podcast, take this as your sign. Your mind, your mouth, and your marijuana are your medicine.

Plant Ally: Kali Mist, known for its ability to stimulate deep thoughts and conversations. Illustration of a Leo woman wearing shorts and a t-shirt and holding a mirror


We know you have a tendency toward lavishness, Leo, but how’s that savings account looking lately? Yes, money is made to be spent, but there’s nothing wrong with putting a little (or a lot) aside for future use. Get more shrewd than usual when you look at this month’s bank statement (if you don’t look at those, now’s the time to start). Routinize your spending, pay for the most important things first, and figure out how to make your money work harder while you work smarter. Buy for quality, over quantity. If you feel called, enlist the help of a financially astute friend or professional that can assist you in creating a plan for your money.

Plant Ally: Swazi Gold. Hard to find, but once you do, it’ll make you feel rich. Illustration of a Virgo woman with a bow in her hair, wearing a dress, and holding a flower


Happy Birthday, lovely Virgo! Your season is here, and finally you get the credit you deserve for keeping all the other 12 signs in the zodiac glued together. As the sun shines in your sign (along with almost half of the damn solar system), you’ll want to turn inward and pay attention to your personal journey. You’ll come to notice that you operate best when you’re in purification mode. Maintaining simplicity, clarity, and discernment is truly what keeps your ecosystem functioning wholesomely. In this messy, petty world, your charge this season is to show up as a champion for what it looks like to “do the right thing”, whatever that means to you. Your friends and family group will be looking to you for insight to live a practical and purposeful life. Be their example.

Plant Ally: Virgo’s Choice! You’re informed enough to choose the appropriate varietal for yourself.

Illustration of a Libra woman in a dress holding scales


In some way, shape, or form, you’re glowing up. How excellent! Unfortunately, on the other side of a glow, is often shade. This month, move with an awareness that your activities may solicit some “secret enemies” waiting in the wings, hoping for your work or health goals to fail. As a Libra you’ll always attract both firm lovers and firm haters, but this month, take some precautions to “move in silence” as they say. Keep your bigger goals to yourself until you’ve met them. Work a protection ritual over your body and home to fortify your boundaries. Wear some protective crystals and keep it pushing. Haters will have to burn themselves in their own poison.

Plant Ally: It's not cannabis, but Hyssop, in bath or tea form. It’s spiritually protective.

Illustration of a Scorpio woman sitting on a stool with a scorpion near her foot


Lock arms with your day-ones Scorpio. It’s time to build. You’re known to kick it solo, but the cosmos are ripe and ready for you to join forces with a group or organization of like-minded individuals to be productive with. Linking up with a collective and applying yourself there will provide some powerful tangible results in the long run. What should be on the agenda? Consider practicing selfless service to a cause that liberates the underserved. Fight for “fweedom”. The impact will be felt.

Plant Ally: Trinity. Just remember the ganja smokers proverb: Puff Puff Pass.

Illustration of a Sagittarius woman holding a bow and arrow


People may not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel. Your impact is equally as important as your intent this month, Sagittarius. At your core you’re more of a free-spirit than anything else, but September is about your reputation with the world and how you’re perceived by the community you present to. Whether you’re in a good place with your personal “brand”, or you need to hire PR for some serious damage control, now is a better time than ever to get your “act” together. Share your public statements wisely, stay on top of commitments, keep the feelings of others in mind, avoid stepping on toes, and always ask for forgiveness when it's warranted. The freedom you love is only expanded by living up to your responsibility to be an upstanding, good-natured person in the world.

Plant Ally: Sensi Star, an indica that supports loving self reflection.

Illustration of a Capricorn woman kneeling in a dress


Transformative Saturn and Pluto have been hosting back-to-back sleepovers in your sign for like the past year. Your spiritual and personal philosophies about life may be a lot different at this time than in 2018, as they should be! This month, let’s get deeper and consider your spiritual philosophy, and look it how it molds who you are. What do you believe about creation, and your relationship to it? What are your most healing spiritual practices, and how have they sustained you? Who do you consider your most respected teachers, mentors, or exemplars? Fortifying yourself in your beliefs and doubling down on your spirituality will help you win this month.

Plant Ally: God Bud. No explanation needed :)

Illustration of an Aquarius woman walking and pouring out some bottled water


September may be a bit of an emotionally turbulent time, for such an airy, mentally-oriented noble sign such as yourself. It’s a season of growth, alchemy, and good-ole self work, and you’ll definitely be getting a taste of that this month, Aquarius. If your “scarier” stuff starts to surface (unhealed emotional traumas, unchecked fears, etc.) know first that it’s okay to not be okay. Next, it may be helpful to reach out to a wise person who can simultaneously give you a shoulder to cry on, and help you unravel your feelings. Know that any subconscious shadow material that comes up, is medicinal for you. Virgo season is teaching you about vulnerability and being intimately honest with yourself.

Plant Ally: Nine Pound Hammer, a deep indica to help promote emotional breakthroughs.

Illustration of a Pisces woman lying down with a fish bowl balanced on her foot


Relationships, both romantic and platonic, come into the forefront for you this September. The focus is on improving and repairing the relationships you have and would like to maintain. Goals? To remain practical and grounded while seeking for the highest level of clarity between you and another. Analyze what may not be working between you and a partner, and commit to doing it in a different way. Enter the conversation with humility and try and see things from your other’s point of view. Taking note of what perspectives you may have been missing and keeping them in-heart may take your relationships to even higher heights.

Plant Ally: Sour Power, to cultivate sweet, sweet intimacy.

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