Belated Valentine’s Gifts You'll Want to Give Yourself

Valentine’s Day is a weird holiday for everyone. For single people, you can’t really expect to get anything. For people in relationships, you can’t really be sure about what you’re going to get. Just getting anything is great, let's be honest. But if you’re fiercely independent and doing things your way, you might view V-Day as a holiday to buy a little treat for yourself. Call it an exercise in self-love. No matter who you are, there’s nothing that feels more luxurious than pampering yourself. From bath bombs and body creams to massage and intimate oils, we’ve narrowed down some a few of our fave CBD or cannabis-inspired bath and body products, so you can get what you really want from Valentine’s Day—even if you have to celebrate it a day or two or three late.
If Your Winter Is Cold and Dry
With all of the cannabis body creams out there, it’s easy to purchase one that’s heavy on the effects but seriously lacking in terms of formula. This Apothecanna cream isn’t at all, and keeps skin supple even in the winter months. The ingredients of mandarin, cedar, and geranium add antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties, respectively. But they also add a scent that’s light enough to stand on its own without overtaking the scent of your favorite perfume. It comes in a pump bottle pretty enough to be perfect for a nightstand or a sink, but comes in a size that doesn’t sacrifice quantity for aesthetics. This lotion is perfect for a nightly de-stressing routine.
If Massage Is Part of Your Routine
Do not buy this massage oil with the expectation that it's going to absorb quickly and give you a nice shine—that’s body oil. Massage oil, a distinct category, is made for exactly what it sounds like: massages. That means it takes a nice long time to absorb, perfect for getting out those knots through CBD-based bodywork. And what’s better than giving or receiving a massage? Honestly, very little.
If You Need Full-Body Relief and Then Some
Khus + Khus are masters of blending Ayurvedic and Western ingredients to bring unique CBD products to market, and that’s exactly what their Rasa Restorative Potion brings to the table. The potion is helpful for balancing your endocrine system due to its use of adaptogens such as the currently-popular Reishi and Chaga mushrooms, but also adds good ol’ CBD to help relax you. This formula is a potent de-stressor, good for your skin, and good for your overall body health. It’d make a welcome addition to any medicine cabinet, because there’s nothing else quite like it.
If You’re Looking for Something to Brag About on Instagram
There isn’t a single person among us who couldn’t use more bliss, and these CBD-heavy bath bombs are just the right way to treat your lover (or yourself) to some relaxing “me” time. They come in three strengths — 50mg, 100mg, and 200mg — which means their effects range from calm to totally blissed out. After a long day, coming home to a nice bath can be heavenly—even more so if it’s CBD-infused.
If You’re That Person Always Buying New Soaps
They may be one of the first brands to embrace a cannabis theme, but none of Malin + Goetz’s products actually have cannabis in them. However, some of their best sellers are from their “cannabis” line: a perfume, candle, and (my favorite) a hand and body wash. Don’t worry, it’s not so aggressively overpowering of a cannabis smell that you’re going to stink like weed smoke all day. Malin+Goetz take the good parts of herb the earthy, spicy parts, and turn them into a fresh and totally wearable scent.
If You Want a Truly Luxe Experience
With a price tag high as it is, you’d expect Nannette de Gaspé’s Bain Noir Bath Soak Treatment to be something completely unique and out of this world. And you would be right. The luxurious non-psychoactive treatment is purple-black and gooey, more like something from a witch’s cauldron than the epsom salt-based product you would normally think of when you think of a bath soak. Much like a cauldron, it comes with a wand that you dip and stir in the goo-filled container, then stir into your bath. Soak in the water for 20 minutes to bring its close-to-magical healing properties into the body.
If You Use CBD Because Your Body Hurts
Although it’s not something we talk about a lot, many people live with pain. It can be incredibly hard to see someone you love go through it. And even if you can’t see what’s causing the pain on the outside, it’s still always there. For this, or any other deep aches you may have (although not emotional ones, try taking take CBD internally for that,) Apothecanna’s CBD-based fast-acting Extra Strength Body Spray can be a lifesaver. It may not be the most traditionally romantic gift, but it’s something that will be incredibly appreciated by anyone who needs it (read: you).
If You Need To Soothe Sore Muscles Because You're an Aspiring Fitness Influencer
You may know Vertly for their wonderful lip balm, but that’s not the only great product they produce. The well-beloved, hyper-Instagrammable brand also sells CBD bath salts, which are legal in all 50 states. For those who don’t want to slather on CBD in a lotion, salve, or balm, but still want to experience its effects for a fairly low price, Vertly’s bath salts are perfect. You can dose out as much, or little, as you want. They’re wonderful after a long day at the office, a maybe-too-intense workout, or even aprés-ski. Want to know more about cannabis-infused topicals? Check out our Beginner's Guide.

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