The Most Popular CBD Products For A Solid Night’s Sleep

Don’t laugh at me for saying this, but sleep is having a moment. Maybe that’s because we all want what we don’t have: Apparently, somewhere around 50 to 70 million US adults reportedly have a sleep disorder, and one in three adults don’t get enough sleep. Clearly, we have a problem. But thankfully, cannabis and specifically cannabinoids like CBD and CBN are on the forefront of changing this. While everyone agrees more studies are needed, researchers say that cannabis may help balance our bods, lull us into sleepy land and reduce our stress in the process.
One in three adults don’t get enough sleep, but research shows that cannabis may help balance our bods, lull us into sleepy land, and help quell stress.
So, if you’re looking for a sleep routine that’ll truly relax your system in its entirety—without the gross morning-after grogginess of certain sleep aid pharmaceuticals—start with one (or two) of these tried and true products formulated with CBN and CBD for sleep. And listen: don’t forget to put your phone away well before bed, too. Too much screen time is a sleep suck, y'all.

+ Best All-in-One CBD Tincture for Sleep: Mineral

Mineral's Sleep tincture offers a unique, calm-focussed blend of 1:1 cannabinoids (CBN, CBD) and therapeutic terpenes to relax the body and ease the mind. It’s full-spectrum and super high quality, with a refreshing, somewhat woodsy taste. Kinda like falling asleep in a calming forest of pines. (It’s a best-seller for a reason—the words "amazing" and "real deal" have been thrown around by fans, just sayin’.) A dropper-full will do ya real nice.

+ Best Body Oil with CBD for Sleep: Apothecanna

A full body moisturizing session post-shower or bath, will instantly calm your spirits, bod, and mind. But when the moisturizer is a super rich body oil full of calming plant extracts like chamomile, lavender, frankincense, and skin-absorbent CBD? Just wrap yourself in swaddling and call yourself a baby, because you'll be sleeping like one in no time. (Also fun: adding a few drops of this stuff right into your bath!)

+ Best Calming Vape with CBD for Sleep: Bloom Farms

Keep this little pal on your bedside table and take a hit before you close your eyes. You won’t regret it. It's broad spectrum hemp blend has notes of peach and apricot and is packed with CBD, CBC, CBN, and CBG that keeps ya calm all evening long.

+ Best Quick Hit with CBD for Sleep: The Good Patch

When you’re busy and exhausted, being told to take a one-hour CBD infused bath isn’t always super feasible. Where do these people find the time?! We feel you, and we have a simpler suggestion; a patch! It goes on quicker than you can say “I’m tired” and has sleep inducing melatonin along with CBD. Stick it on and let it do its thing.

+ Best Easy Elixir with CBD for Sleep: Prima

Chamomile tea is cute and all, but have you ever tried a sleep-inducing elixir. Prima—a beautiful brand with some of the highest quality CBD products around—has just the one. Formulated with clinical strength adaptogenic herbs like valerian and passion fruit (plus, yes, chamomile!) it instantly brings you to bliss when mixed with hot water or your favorite herbal tea. It has a delicate floral flavor that also goes well with hemp-infused honey.

+ Best Calming CBD Tincture For Sleep, Bloom Farms

Getting a good night’s sleep and CBD-CBN tinctures go well together. With Bloom Farm’s “Dream” tincture, the goal is creating an overall sense of wellness with lots of CBN in full-spectrum hemp oil and easily digestible MCT oil from coconut. (Also, the Californian-based company has a one-for-one social impact promise, so every bottle you buy is helping deliver food to people who need it. Another reason to sleep easy.)

+ Best Body Cream with CBD for Sleep, Dr. Kerklaan

This is the creme de la creme of relaxation: lavender, melatonin, mandarin, verbena, and CBD all in a super rich, hydrating cocoa butter-coconut oil formula that's not greasy. Just totally soothing. Gently rub it directly to your temples, chest, neck, shoulders, and pulse points, breathe deeply and melt away.

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