10 CBD Products That’ll Get You Through the Damn Day

As a helpful de-stressor, CBD—which isn't psychoactive—is kind of a no-brainer when it comes to getting you through the day—especially in times of *high key* stress. Which let's get real, is pretty much just all the time now. (Seriously, what is happening?!) Along with every single other little thing you do to keep calm and carry on—deep breathing, meditation, punching a pillow—here are some tried-and-true, super fav CBD-for-work products to help you get through the damn day.

Prima Brain Fuel

I don’t know about you, but my mornings can be stressy if I do them wrong. Starting the day by doing something that calms the senses (and counterbalances that first coffee) is always a good idea. That makes first thing in the AM an ideal time to try CBD for work. How about a CBD and botanical elixir? Prima Brain Fuel ain’t your typical stimulant—it aims to rebalance and settle your nerves, not jolt them with a jumper cable of pharmaceuticals.

Bloom Farms CBD Mini Vape

If vaporizers are more your speed, give these Bloom Farms new babies a try for a CBD, CBN and CBG. Made with un-cut oil and available in stone fruit, blackberry, mint, and natural, these recent additions to the Miss Grass shop are selling like hot cakes and they’re just as delicious. If you need a vape in your work bag at all times, start here.

Vertly CBD-Infused Lip + Skin Balm

Speaking of handbag buddies you can rely on in a pinch, Vertly’s balm is moisturizing, healing, protective, and versatile. You can put it on your lips or skin. You can take it out and smell it when you’re on deadline, for a solo calming moment. You can get it in peppermint or rose. And it contains 25mg of hemp-derived CBD. Plus, coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and more. You get it; it’s heaven.

Plant People CBD Capsules: Stay Sharp

OK, so work meetings, Zoom calls or whatever are happening, your day is in full swing, and you still feel lethargic (at best). Try CBD for work. While a brain-boosting capsule from the cannabis lords at Plant People won’t fix the modern burnout dilemma...it can’t hurt. And this blend includes both high-performance CBD and adaptogenic herbs, so hello more mental clarity and goodbye feeling dazed and confused.

Dr. Kerklaan Natural CBD Skin Cream

Everybody knows a reliable skin cream is the holy grail of desk draw supplies. It’s the kind of fun lil’ secret you don’t wanna share. But that’ll probably change when you add this Dr. Kerklaan staple to your stash. As far as topical relief goes, it’s your one-stop shop for dryness, irritation, inflammation, and itchies. It’s also a soothing self-care ritual in stressful times. Go on, share it with your work wife (but don’t be surprised when word gets around).

Laundry Day Hudson Pipe

You didn’t think we’d leave out some actual flower accessories, did you? For shame. This glass one-hitter—which comes in gorgeous shades of pink, green, yellow, and more—is chic enough to leave on your coffee table at home, and discreet enough to carry in your work bag without attracting attention. Sometimes, at the end of a long day, you just have to smoke. This one’s for those times.

Apothecanna Extra Strength Relieving Spray

So you’ve come to the end of another hectic work or school day. What’s a modern babe to do with all this tension? Dare we say, spray it away? Cult favorites Apothecanna are Miss Grass office staples, and their Extra Strength Relieving Spray is especially coveted. Just spray the fast-acting CBD wonder on sore spots and let the essential oils and anti-inflammatory plant extracts like peppermint, juniper, and arnica, do the rest. Hmm, cooling.

Lord Jones Bath Salts

Here we go again, obsessing over Lord Jones. But seriously, their bath salts are worth the hype. They're made to ease sore muscles, and who doesn’t love a soak for soak’s sake? Featuring a unique combination of natural healing salts, botanical infusions—think eucalyptus, citrus, and calendula—and cannabinoids formulated to calm the mind and body, a relaxing evening sesh doesn’t get much chiller than this.

Beboe High Potency CBD Face Serum

Going to bed without putting something moisturizing on your face? That’s a no-no and you know it! This CBD-packed serum contains 300mg of the good stuff, plus 10 of the mightiest plant actives, designed to nourish and balance your skin so it can do what it does best: glow. Beboe’s newest offering is also designed to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and fine lines, repair elasticity, and encourage collagen production. That’ll do, serum. That’ll do.

Mineral’s Sleep Tincture

Now it’s officially time to hit the hay, but what ho? You can’t fall asleep, because between your phone and Netflix, you’re over-stimulated. Time to call in the big guns; Mineral’s Sleep Tincture. I personally swear by the stuff, because of its calming 1:1 blend of cannabinoids and sleep-centric terpenes. It also contains high amounts of the sleepiest cannabinoid, CBN. Get ready to feel relaxed and well-slept. So you can rise tomorrow and do it all again. Such is life.

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