The 10 Best CBD Products For Burnout + Stress

Did you know that according to a study conducted by Gallup, nearly a quarter of US workers regularly feel burned out? Unfortunately, work is far from the only arena we're feeling the pressure. From politics to finances, stress is becoming an unwanted houseguest we simply can’t escape. So how do we address the tension once and for all? Well, there are many ways, but this is a site about cannabis. My we suggest exploring CBD?

Depending on who you ask, everyone's favorite non-psychoactive compound is used by hardworking folks to manage everything from pain, inflammation, tension, and insomnia. But because CBD is mostly unregulated, countless companies make claims and promises they simply cannot keep. So it’s important to not only manage your expectations, but also know what’s in the products you’re buying.

To help streamline the research process, we’ve rounded up 10 of our all time favorite CBD products for taking when you're a little stressed.

The (Bath) Bomb Dot Com

Who doesn’t love a bath after a long day? However, if stress has got you craving your tub a bit more than usual, you may want to try tossing in one of our favorite Life Elements CBD Bath Bombs. Available in three strengths of full spectrum, hemp-derived CBD oil, each fizzy ball is designed to soften the skin, ease the muscles, and promote an overall sense of calm.

Life Elements Bliss Ball Bath Bomb

Life Elements Bliss Ball CBD Bath Bomb, from $14


Sit, Soak, & Sooth

If everyday worry has your body feeling tense, then a jar of Lord Jones signature Bath Salts is probably for you. Formulated to calm both the body and the mind, this dose of natural healing salts, botanical infusions, and cannabinoids will simultaneously sooth muscles and stimulate circulation for an all around “feel good” experience.

Lord Jones CBD Bath Salts

Lord Jones CBD Bath Salts, $65



Your New Favorite Flavor

It’s no secret that when it comes to CBD, Lord Jones is a certified game-changer. Expertly crafting their tinctures from five powerful ingredients, the veteran team at Lord Jones specializes in creating daily-use products that encourage comfort and calm. Formulated to deliver a broad spectrum combination, the popular High CBD Tincture is available in both peppermint and lemon flavors.

Lord Jones High CBD Tincture

Lord Jones High CBD Tincture, $55


Stick It

There’s nothing better than the “set it and forget it” convenience of the Be Calm Patch. With 15mg of premium hemp extract and soothing menthol, this is an ideal product for managing life’s stressful moments, as well as your everyday aches and pains. To use, simply stick the patch directly on any venous area of your skin and leave it for up to 24 hours.


The Good Patch Be Calm CBD Patch

The Good Patch Be Calm CBD Patch, $12


Oh, What A Relief

With 100 percent USDA certified organic MCT oil and whole-plant hemp extract, you can rest easy knowing that every ingredient in a Bloom Farms product is clean, natural, and quality assured. In addition, the fats provided in high-grade MCT oil help to accelerate the effects of CBD in the body, like a good CBD tincture should.


Bloom Farms Relieve Tincture

Bloom Farms Relieve Tincture, $55


Out Like A Light

No sleep got you feeling down? If so, then this fast acting, *highly* potent tincture of CBD, CBN, and targeted terpenes is about to take up permanent residence on your nightstand. Produced from formula-specific plants grown with love and care in Oregon, all Mineral products are independently lab tested and whole-plant.


Mineral Sleep Tincture

Mineral Sleep Tincture, $160


Goody Goody Gumdrop

Stress induced cravings can stop anyone in their tracks. However, with the help of Lord Jones’ handmade CBD gumdrops, now even managing your sweet tooth can feel like a total wellness experience. Infused with 20mg of high quality broad spectrum CBD extract, natural fruit flavors, gelatin, citric acid, and sugar, each of these old fashioned treats helps to promote a sense of calm and balance.


Lord Jones Old-Fashioned CBD Gumdrops


Your Anytime Mental Massage

A moment of relaxation doesn’t have to slow you down. With Bloom Farms' mini vaporizer pen you can achieve the feel-good vibes of a mental massage, all while remaining focussed on the job. In addition to being talked about as a source of stress relief, pain reduction, and even inflammation management, Bloom Farms' mini also comes in four tasty flavors to pick from. Good for up to 300+ puffs, this fast-acting disposable go-to is perfect for any time of day. To use, draw in slowly for a short puff or two and repeat or stop at your desire dose. Ahhh.


Bloom Farms CBD Mini Vape

Bloom Farms CBD Mini Vape, $39


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