High Horoscopes: Buckle Up—July’s Gonna Be Emo

We’re just past the midpoint of the year, and if you thought the astrological juiciness would stop, you’re sorely mistaken! July brings with it a plethora of cosmic insight to sink our teeth into. The warrior planet of Mars enters proud Leo on July 1, followed by a watery new moon in the sign of Cancer the next day. Just one day later, the patron goddess of ganja, Venus, joins the moon in Cancer and will be serving us feels, feels, and nothing but the feels...so help us pot.

Add that to our upcoming Mercury retrograde in Leo on July 7 and the partial eclipse full moon on June 16—and July may have us wanting to roll ourselves into a blanket joint for the rest of the month.

Here’s how to navigate this month’s bubbling pot of emotional astro-stew with the recommended dose of cannabis induced-chill.

Aries woman illustration


“Namaste in bed” mutters the sleepy ram as she dives headfirst into her plush blankets. July brings a much needed emphasis on rest, recooperation, and boundaries. “No thank you, outside world” is going to be one of your favorite words for the first half of July, so get used to it. Find some balance and settle into a routine of soothing restfulness. Focusing on the family or chosen family closest to you—and spending time with them—is a priority. Have you been neglecting your need for emotional closeness, familiarity, and intimacy? Nurturing a wound and need some help? Don’t fret; Cancer season will get you all patched up.

Flower Ally: Try some mood lifting, high quality CBD to rejuvenate your cells from the inside out.

Taurus woman illustration


The wisdom of the sky is here to offer you Taurean Goddesses an intuitive, sharpened perception this month. Don’t be surprised if you’re the one who gets the infamous “retrograde call from your ex” or “Hey, long time no talk” texts from old friends this July. Is it worth it to rekindle? As is necessary for Taurus, stand in the truth of your body’s messages during all communications this month—there’s information there. Invited to a meeting with someone and unsure about what to do? C for you. Anything else (indifference? lack of inspiration?) let it go.

Flower Ally: Bubba Kush, for heightened messages for your physical body.

Gemini woman illustration


The feels are real, Gemini. When we talk about doing “the work” we’re talking about consciously monitoring, acknowledging, and healing all of the electrical signals running through your body, particularly the ones we call “emotions.” Your capacity to make significant and lasting emotional and mental health strides is heightened this month—and so are your psychic manifestation abilities. Make sure that you are doing one physical, practical thing per day to deepen your connection with your soul, and say your affirmations 100x each. What you think and feel crystalizes, and you’ll see it.

Flower Ally: Cannatonic, to help you visualize and manifest.

Cancer woman illustrationCANCER

Happy Birthday Cancer! Your birthday brought in one of the most astrologically active seasons of the year, starting with the new moon in your sign (some extra love from the most heart-felt sign of the zodiac perhaps?) With Venus moving into Cancer and Mars moving out of it, you’ll find that you attract what you value almost instantaneously this month. Become sweetness, and you receive it. Share love, and it’s shared back. Be beautiful, and you bring the beautiful ones, like clockwork. As Mercury retrograde backs its way up into your sign on July 19, consider where you can allow yourself to become a leader and step into some spotlight.

Flower Ally: Cherry Bomb, to go with all of those love bombs you’ve got stored up for us.

Leo woman illustrationLEO

Rawr, Lioness. Mars moves into your sign on the first day of the month, getting you off to a bolting head start toward the rest of the summer season. While the warrior planet will bring you a jolt of “get it done” energy, the new moon in Cancer and Mercury retrograde will focus on the content of your ego. Part of the lesson this month is learning about how to navigate being “the seen” and being “the seer.” If you’re always someone else’s audience, try hamming it up in some way for a boost of self-esteem. If you’re always taking center stage, let someone else’s light shine and see how they bless you with it. Lose a little bit of your fear to gain a lot of yourself.

Flower Ally: Super Sweet: a hybrid half super, half sweet. Like you :)

Virgo woman illustration


Friends. How many of us have them? Friends we can depend on? They say a friend with weed is a friend indeed, ma’am. With all of your dreams and goals and plans and missions, they’re only abstractions without your collective network of your community to provide the resources to attain them. Nothing happens without others, and you are not solo this season, dear Virgo. Work your network. Find yourself at meetups and co-working spaces that inspire you to create. Get a group text with your five smartest, most inspiring friends going.

Flower Ally: Banana Kush, to help overcome social anxiety.

Libra woman illustration


Hey Libra, have you have picked out your shoulder-padded work blazer yet? This month is about emotionally investing in the work you do, and how you show up to the professional world and the public. Whether you’re making a name for yourself or already well-recognized by your colleagues or peers, one thing is priority: That you dive deeply, emotionally, and head first in love with your work. Whatever you create or project you take on, make sure the outcome is a glaring representation of the “you” you’d like to see in the world. Best foot forward, Libra.

Flower Ally: Early Girl: an indica for a well-rested sleep (so you wake up on time!)

Scorpio woman illustration


Gratitude is the name of the game for Scorpio this month. In this society of sharp corners and hard turns, our friend Mary Jane helps us to smooth out the rough edges. As lovely as she is, she isn’t our only tool. Your work this month, Scorpio, is conjure and maintain an attitude of gratitude (which can be an equally powerful mood lifter). Take your adaptogenic herbal formulas, smell the flowers, and find time every day to feel the inner smile that comes from the awareness of your very own higher power.

Flower Ally: Tangie, for a wholesome, zen-like peace.

Sagittarius woman illustration


They say that “feelings aren’t a Sagittarian’s thing,” but we know that’s slander! Built inside of you is a deep internal compass that guides you exactly where you need to be in life, and that compass is managed by intuitive feelings. Has your internal navigation system gone a bit foggy? This is a spiritual maintenance month for you, Goddess. Make sure that your intuition remains lazer sharp by checking in with your spiritual advisors. Try getting a reading for insight into the next six months of the year, and what you can let go of in order to win.

Flower Ally: Roll up some Berry White, for psychic sight.

Capricorn woman illustration


This month’s full moon eclipse lands in your sign, lucky you! The theme of this full moon is relationships, partnerships, and your ability to create intimacy within them. Is there a way that you, a whole Capricorn, can handle the interplay between the intimate, and contractual? Business and pleasure? Are you open to being shown a new way of relating that requires total and utter integrity and truth, while maintaining deep warmth and affection? Be open to hits from the divine about how to love and be loved correctly. Eclipses bring truths and surprises to the fore.

Flower Ally: Space Queen. An eclipse-appropriate treat.

Aquarius woman illustration


Mastery is generally associated with your Capricorn neighbors; but let us not forget that the traditional ruler of Aquarius is Saturn. This month looks like hunkering down and deeply nurturing the skills that can pay the bills. Invest an hour a day into something, and one year from now, you can consider yourself an expert in that thing. Ten years, and you’re a master. Where are you in your 10 year journey? Find a study-mate or mentor that can help you level up your know-how, and keep the mastery going.

Flower Ally: Take a nice, uplifting terpene to keep you in the mood for study.

Pisces woman illustration


Spend your month exploring the inner creative landscape of yourself, Pisces. Many of the astrological happenings this month make exciting aspects to your sign, and you may be reveling in the joys and pleasures of the growth that happens in response. Celebrate the good spirit by diving into your favorite creative, expressive activities that support you in just “being you.” Spending some time around children may respark the exuberant inner child in you. Perfect.

Flower Ally: Maui Wowie, because life’s a vacation! Enjoy.

Illustrations: Vanessa Lilak

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