High Horoscopes: June’s Insights Are Coming in HOT

June is here! The sun is shining, the air is clear, and the mammals are doing it like they do on the discovery channel. Like flowers, we’re looking toward our sun for the warmth and sustenance it will bring us over the next four months. Similarly, prepare for a full blossom of the heart, with Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto opening us up to astronomical levels of emotion.

Things may get a little sweet and psychedelic this month as dreamy Neptune goes retrograde, bringing our focus to the musical underpinnings of everyday life. To top it off, the patron Goddess of ganja, Venus, moves into zippy, heady Gemini on June 8 for some fun times. The new moon on June 3 and the full moon on June 17 will add to this, and bring us lots of interpersonal insights and intuition hits. Get ready! Aries woman illustrationARIES

As the first sign of the zodiac, one of your superpowers is the ability to be a pioneer and boldly go where no man, woman, or otherwise has gone before. Let the warmth of this summer call you out into your natural learning habitat; the wild. Do the nature thing and plan a fun-packed, solo road trip to a local hotspot (preferably somewhere where you can roll up; because why not?). Hop in a car, bus, or train on the full moon (June 17) and see how a quick day trip activates the fire in you. Be on the lookout for others approaching you with overbearing emotionality this month. The best medicine for someone “dumping” on you is the detached, self-oriented disposition you’re so widely celebrated for. You’re HOT, Miss Ram, but do your best to keep it cool.

Flower Ally: Super Lemon Haze for an activating and refreshing head change.
Act of Self-Care:
Soak up some soothing, calming energy with a particularly refreshing bath—CBD optional. Taurus woman illustration


Venus has been frolicking through its lovely home sign of Taurus for the past month, and the living has been good. All of the sticky sweetness from May leaks over into June, Taurus, and now it’s time to secure the bag. Now that your energy has been replenished, which self-care and self-esteem practices are the most useful for you? Does getting a weekly massage significantly improve your work stamina (and thus your bank account)? Does starting your morning early actually give you more peace and tranquility? Take your spirit-affirming routines very seriously this month. You won’t regret the improvements it brings.

Flower Ally: Tangerine Haze. Sweet and euphoric.
Act of Self-Care:
Take some time to yourself with a good cup of a tea. You deserve it.


Happy Birthday Gemini! Welcome to the other side of Mars charging through your sign. The pressure didn’t break you, and we all know what doesn’t break us makes us stronger. The new moon occurs in your fabulous sign on the June 3, bringing with it the gift of clarity—if you chose it. You will have the rare opportunity to decide whether to live in your daydreams and fantasies, or take active steps toward making your dreams real for yourself. Pro tip: Choose the latter.

Flower Ally: Woody Kush, for an earthy grounded feeling.
Act of Self-Care:
Bring yourself back down to solid ground with a little cannabis-infused massage.


Happy Birthday to the original summer solstice Goddesses of the zodiac! With Mercury joining the north node joining and Mars in your sign right now, and the sun making its way into Cancer on the June 22, there’s not much you can’t do! The new moon will be happening in the house of dreams, spiritual connection, and ego dissolution, so pay attention to the psychic hits and synchronicities going on around you. Also, trust your intuition about that “friend” that seems to feel more like a “frienemy” sometimes. Don’t sleep on asserting your energetic boundaries. It’s your season. Act like it.

Flower Ally: Yoda OG, to rev up that intuition.
Act of Self-Care:
Pay special attention to your dream, Crabby. Get some sleep supplements while you’re at it.


When summer hits, it’s not hard for Leonians to be swept up into the heat and the passion of a good time. The planets are bringing you out into the community this month, highlighting the joys of having a community of like-minded individuals to celebrate with. Whether you’re already a social butterfly or a more solo solo type, you will benefit from a meeting of many minds. Plan or attend a cool, communal smoke sesh, or allow your humanitarian sensibilities to shine through by applying yourself to a group act of service. A good spliff is always best when shared benevolently with others.

Flower Ally: Blue dream. Always sure to be a group favorite.
Act of Self-Care:
See above! Puff, puff, pass and relish in the community you’re creating.


Virgo is always known as the “virgin”, but if you look closely, the “harvest maiden” is another closely tied archetype. The symbol of the hardworking lady of the harvest often includes the image of a woman walking gently with a plant in her hand (a bud, perhaps?) This month, the harvested plant is a symbol of your work. New work-related opportunities open up with the new moon around June 3, and you’ll have two weeks until the full moon to decide how you’d like to harvest them. Make sure to use both your mind and your heart to choose the path best for you, but as a general hint, #securethebag.

Flower Ally: Splurge on some top shelf Thai to celebrate the incoming harve$t.
Act of Self-Care:
Speaking of splurging, you deserve a decadent CBD treat after all that hard work.


Libra isn’t short for Librarian for no reason! JK but you’re no stranger to the pleasures of a form-fitting pair of smarty pants. Whether you’re a book nerd or a geek of another kind, you’ll really want to step deeper into your studies of the universe and how it works. Read some books (fiction or non-fiction), attend an event, or watch some inspiring media that will cultivate your mind and help you find answers to some of the larger, more philosophical questions in life. Get a little mystical and woo, and live some of your deeper insights with the world in some way. I hear Insta-“gram” is a great place to share (see what I did there?).

Flower Ally: Banana Kush, because the “high conversations” you’ll have are very appropriate right now.
Act of Self-Care:
Educate yourself on all things cannabis science, reform, growing, and use. We have a “best books” list with your name on it.


Therapy, therapy, therapy. No personal shade, but in this time of intense stress and pressure, we can never get enough mental self-care. Ganja is definitely one of our favorite ways to release tension, but this month words are the medicine. There’s bound to be a lot of internal emotional processing happening for you right now (intense, calm, or otherwise). Voice your innermost thoughts to a trusted counselor or a wise elder. Communicating will help you unravel and get an even clearer picture of yourself. If you’re feeling great, share that! Need support? Share that too. Just let us know, Scorp. We love it when you talk.

Flower Ally: Blue Cheese. It’s a mind-softener and will get you fluid and open.
Act of Self-Care:
Open up to someone you trust, over your trusty fav pipe (if you feel called).


Got a “best bud?” We know you’re an explorer and will try almost strain a few times…but we’re not talking about flower here. We’re talking about a good, close friend. This month is about alleviating that chronically independent side of you in exchange for more time with your counterpart(s). Friends, lovers, and your love life are all activated this month as the lunar cycle shines a light on your house of relationships. Be open to advice and constructive criticism from your partner, or from other folks you trust about your partner. They’ve got your best interests at heart and can give it to you straight, if you let them. If you’re single, someone’s looking at you on June 3. Look back.

Flower Ally: Go with a suggestion from your best friend, lover, or crush.
Act of Self-Care:
Give your intimate times a sensual boost, with some flower-infused “intimacy oil.”


#SelfWork is the story of your life, and the drive to take yourself to the next level crescendos this month. If you remain centered, focused, and willing, you will be able to overcome some of your biggest personal hurdles, very quickly. Pay attention to the experiences that frustrate you, sit back, take a good rip, and introspect. What emotional triggers do you keep running up against, time after time? Are you ready to regain control of them? Around the full moon time this month do an intention-burning or cord-cutting ritual to help release it for good. Watch what changes.

Flower Ally: Grapealicious, to go all the way in.
Act of Self-Care
: Carry around a CBD vape pen for those “I need to recenter” moments.


You’ve got the gift of being pretty creative, inventive, and crafty when you want to. Whether it’s with writing, music, art, clothing, or social things like family and friends, there’s something you love to do and can do well. This lunar and solar energy invests in you the vibration of creativity endless. Gather your supplies (or companions) and make something special and from the heart. Use your hands or your mind to give birth to a new idea that will allow you to channel all of your authenticity through it—not just for the outcome or applause, but for the sake of being in “the flow” as much as possible this month. Get back into the inventive mood and do your thing.

Flower Ally: Jah Kush for creative inspiration.
Act of Self-Care:
Go full Aquarius and surround yourself with the shiniest, most iridescent things.


The warmth of a loving hearth and home is often where Pisces can feel the most fluid, flexible, and able to be themselves. June is all about comfort, and emotional peace for you, dear fish. Take care of home, by making sure your space feels like a sacred one. Whether that means blasting the latest Solange record and doing some spring cleaning, making a family-sized meal, or spending quality time with your 150 pets—create the space that allows for maximum chill and minimal fuss. Home is definitely the best place to be. Look out for insight on the full moon as to what can be made to make your living situation better. If you’ve been considering moving, focus on the spaces and locations that feel the most like “home.”

Flower Ally: Tahoe OG Indica. You’ll be at home, anyway.
Act of Self-Care:
Invest in something cute for your coffee table, or a plant. Something that makes your heart smile, just because. Spark joy!

Illustrations: Vanessa Lilak

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