What’s the quote? “April showers bring May flowers”? Astrologically, that intelligent piece of poetry operates as the gospel this month, as we transition into the next quarter of the year—and as the heavenly bodies ask us to call upon the wisdom of our earthly bodies and the blooming flora and fauna around us.

We can expect more stability and restfulness as we bask in the feminine glory of Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Taurus by May 15. Mars dives into the deep waters of Cancer on that same day, followed a Scorpio full moon on May 18 to add to the Goddess-ness of it all. With Sun and Mercury moving comfortably into Gemini on later in the month, the planets are giving us the blessings to move gracefully and intently into our power, says Miss Grass resident astrologer The AfroMystic. Aries woman illustration


The Earth provides! Abundantly. This month, Aries, it’s time for you to swallow that medicine with a spoonful of sugar. You’ve gotten to the place where you can see more clearly the returns on your investments and diligent work (or lack thereof). Whether you’re in the hole or in the black, it’s time to make money moves. Use this fruitful time to plant seeds for a bigger income, fine-tune your budget, and get a savings plan going. There’s more work coming your way, and your money habits should be cleaned-up and streamlined so you can feel secure in receiving more. Watch for hints about where this money is coming from on May 18.

Flower Ally: Skip smoking this week and invest in a few seeds of your favorite flower. Come up with a plan to grow your own plant, and watch your garden grow along with your bank account.
Act of Self-Care:
Deck your body out in something shiny, that makes you feel like a million bucks (because you are). Taurus woman illustration


Make no mistake—it’s more than a coincidence that both Earth Day and 4/20 both fall around the beginning of Taurus season every year. Taurus is the sign of the Earth itself, and all of the pleasurable flavors and fragrances she brings. Like the Earth, make sure to approach life with an abundant reverence for sensuality. The power of Sun, Mercury, and Venus in your first house of self-image will naturally soften out any rough edges you have, inspiring you to express your flirty, sensual side. Engage in grounding activities (like yoga, cooking, delicious lovemaking, and smoking shoeless out in the garden) and you will set the tone for the entire next quarter of your life. The structure of nature frees us.

Flower Ally: Enjoy the layered floral and fruity tones in a nice bowl of BAY-11.
Act of Self-Care:
Get your blood flowing and your season of sensuality peaking with some CBD for your sensitive parts. Gemini woman illustration


Mars moves out of your sign and into Cancer mid-month, so all of that heat and pressure (“the April showers”) that came down on you gives way to a clearer calmer sky. The sun clears up the murkiness that may have been lingering from last month, so rewiring your brain-heart connection is high on the priority list. Where have you been straying from your initial goals? Which one of those dangling Geminian projects can be put on the back burner in exchange for more quality time creating what your heart must create? Decide on May 18’s full moon in Scorpio. Find out where the heart truly is, and get back on the ball! Your birthday’s right around the corner.

Flower Ally: Master Kush, a deep indica to help access the deep inner truth inside.
Act of Self-Care:
Take a literal chill pill, with a herbal supplement like Plant People’s Be Calm for daily stress and anxiety. Cancer woman illustration


It’s getting warmer, and that’s your sign that Summer is just around the bend for you, Cancer. The heat is on, and the cosmos are requesting fire. The protective and powerful planet of Mars sneaks into your sign on May 15, dosing you up with a blazing sense of will, and a fearlessness that can serve you well if used correctly this month. This full moon, you’re a sexpot! A warrior goddess in her full right. Be careful, however, not to go too far over into offense mode or be reckless with yours or others’ feelings—that fire is much better when focused on sexual manifestation magic and long-term goal planning.

Flower Ally: Girl Scout Cookies to keep the feminine juices flowing.
Act of Self-Care:
Get love stoned with an aphrodisiacal blend of mood enhancing herbs for both genders.


#CareerGoals, Leo. If you’re not talking to five people per week (or day!) about your new project, you’re not serious about it. Now is finally the time to solidify those plans you’ve had for raising up the ranks at work, building your team, scaling up your business, or stepping out on a promising new endeavor that yields returns. It helps to do everything you can to ground yourself in the practicalities of things. Make lists, check them twice, plan your moves for the year ahead, and tap your network for any good, dependable allies who can help you make your vision a reality. It’s OK to take your time, and there’s nothing that tact and a good numbers-crunching session can’t do to make you feel reassured and on top of the world about this. Get em’, lion.

Flower Ally: Allen Wrench! A lovely sativa to help get you energized.
Act of Self-Care:
Make sure that at the end of a long day hustling, you take time to treat yourself. Have a bath? Add some CBD healing for extra calm. Virgo woman illustration


All of this romantic, nourishing Taurus energy in your house of exploration and expansion practically guarantees a bit of travel for you. Whether it’s a late spring break vacation, or a very virgoan local book-store hop, get out of the house and explore for a bit and you’ll probably find yourself in the right place at the right time for whatever you need. Use this highly synchronistic time to let your inner compass direct you to answers, rather than your usually sharp conscious mind. Engage your wanderlust, Goddess. Having just a little extra faith in the cosmos yields fruit that you’ll begin to immediately. See. Do. Learn somethin’ different.

Flower Ally: Try the first new strain your bud-lady offers you. See where it takes you!
Act of Self-Care:
Travel, move, express. Take your cannabis on the road with you, with a pocket-sized pipe pal. Libra woman illustration


Undress yourself, Libra. In every sense of the word. This sensual Taurean Sun, Venus, and Mercury in your house of intimacy and power sheds a light on the pleasures of being vulnerable. Being willing to be vulnerable with the individuals around you that have earned your trust may uncovers deep layers of yourself that may not have been fully explored. On this very intense Scorpio full moon come May 18, try a personal exercise that includes a mirror. Gaze at yourself, and even past yourself through the looking glass. What do you see? Take note, and whatever it is, dare to appreciate it in its fullness. Extra points for sharing your insights with a friend.

Flower Ally: Bubba Kush, for its introspective and reflective vibes.
Act of Self-Care
: Lather yourself in a skin-softening cream designed to arouse the senses. Scorpio woman illustraytoio


It’s OK to come up for air, this month, my deep Scorpio! The strong and assisting Taurean energy in the air gives you an opportunity to use your sea legs and gain some grounding on the physical plane. You’re finally in a position that allows you the benefits of some emotional comfort and stability. Thank. The. Goddess! Celebrate this new level of peace and accomplishment. Take notes from your Taurus lovers, friends, and counterparts on how to feel safe, grounded, and protected. Get out of your “fear-body”, and into your “here-body”. The full moon will show you how.

Flower Ally: Afgoo, to help you enjoy the nuances of physical pleasure.
Act of Self-Care
: Try an overall balancing CBD tincture, to restore mood, reduce anxiety, and increase alertness.


This month, you’ll definitely want to take the Taurus theme of “chill the fuck out” to the next level. Pumping the breaks on your usually wild and exciting style may seem like a drag, but honestly, settling into a more secure you is imperative this season. You may be accosted with a larger than usual workload this month, so setting yourself up for success is honestly the best way to handle this lovely energy—it pays to be pacific! Check in with your stress levels, keep abreast at work, and maintain a cool head. Your body (and boss) will thank you.

Flower Ally: Harlequin for a high CBD ratio and a clear head.
Act of Self-Care
: Do anything to get back to the calm centre within. Start with cult favorite, Beboe’s calming CBD vape pen.


With Pluto and Saturn moving through your sign, you’ve basically become the poster child for strength and resilience over the last year. All of us in the zodiac are looking to you constantly for an example of how to power through the struggle, and quite honestly, you deserve some down time. Luckily, this month you get a break from the weight of responsibility as the Sun, Venus, and Mercury moves through your house of joy celebration and hedonism, if you’re into that. Indulge in your favorite (reasonable) pleasures, feed your body, and cheat on responsibility for a weekend. Honor your body’s needs.

Flower Ally: Cherry Pie. Why not have your piece, and eat it too?
Act of Self-Care:
Invite some friends over, grab your pipe, and have a wild night in. GOT, anyone?


This month is a great time to begin the process of preparing for the next phase of life. For Aquarius, this Taurus season brings with it the medicine of getting centered inside and ready for the next chapter. If you know you’re on the precipice of a crucial decision or are making a large life change, call in the power of the Bull (or cow) to secure you emotionally for the inevitable changes to come. Rearrange the furniture, take care of home, get your spring cleaning done, and refresh your wardrobe. Stay ready, so that you don’t have to get ready!

Flower Ally: Headband—the quintessential “Namasay at home” flower.
Act of Self-Care
: Support your mind, body, and spirit with some stabilising herbal tea. Sip it, smoke it, or burn it as incense.


You know what really grinds my gears? How unpopular astrology opinions tend to paint our Piscean family as flighty, unreliable, and too high in-the-clouds. But, the truth is that there’s so much more to our lovely Mermaid-esque sisters than what meets the eye. This month, the peaceful depth of Pisces comes front and center. With both the full moon and Mars in neighboring water signs, and friendly Taurean energy bringing the physical balance you need, it’s a great time to document the richness of your inner landscape. Try taking a jab at journaling, writing poetry, or any form of art that allows you to communicate your profound inner world into words to share. Wellness podcasts, perhaps? The word is your oyster.

Flower Ally: Lambs Bread, for Goddess-like levels of peace and balance.
Act of Self-Care
: Explore the art of stream of consciousness free-writing. Just pick up a notebook, burn some palo santo, and get creative like only you can.

Illustrations: Vanessa Lilak

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